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This “Freedom” pool, installed by PoolBoy Inc., ties together a cozy green backyard. The straight lines of the freedom lend a designer touch to the manicured landscaping and the water fountain feature adds a calming, focal point for the seating area.

PoolBoy Inc. is the only full service pool and spa company in Fredericton. PoolBoy strives to ensure that you make the best investment possible when selecting their services. PoolBoy’s experience and qualifications result in the delivery of service second to none by providing all of your back yard needs including new pool & hot tub installation and service, liner replacement, seasonal opening and closing of pools, hot tubs and splash pads as well complimentary real-estate inspections.

PoolBoy takes their service to the next level with an exclusive state of the art virtual reality design system that saves you time and money in every detail. With only the highest quality Canadian products, Poolboy makes it so you never have to visit another pool store again!


Freedom 30'
PoolBoy Inc.
Fredericton, NB, Canada