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Cooler weather is here, and in some part of the country it’s down right cold! While some pool owners may choose to heat their pools and use it throughout the winter, many people find this to be the time to winterize their pools. We’ve put together a list of six tips to help you prepare your pool for winter.

1. Balance the Water

The pH level of the water in your pool is important for both the clarity of your water as well as longevity of the pool equipment. Imagine Pools recommends a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. This ensures that the water will be comfortable for swimmers and able to keep it sanitized throughout the winter months.

2. Clean the Pool

Cleaning your pool will help to prevent any damage or surface stains while the pool sits over the coming months. It is also important that any leaves or debris be removed because they can become difficult to remove if left in the pool.

3. Clean the Filter

The filter for your pool needs to be cleaned before closing for the winter. This will help the filter to operate properly and make it easier to open your pool come spring.

4. Protect Against Algae

Protecting your pool against algae will help to keep your pool looking clean and crisp throughout the entire year. Algae can make your water look cloudy, clog your filters, and even increase the chlorine demand. Use the correct chemicals to maintain your pool and prevents green, yellow, and black algae.

5. Do Not Empty the Pool

It is very important that you do not empty your Imagine Pool or even lower the water below the skimmer box. Doing either or both of these will void your warranty. Emptying the pool of water will put strain on the pool structure itself and could cause damage.

6. Cover the Pool

Covering your pool is further protection against leaves and debris, and will help to keep the water at a proper balance and level.


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